1. 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Blend

The mornings can be a tad hectic, and sometimes I fly out the door only to realise that I forgot to feed myself (just managed to feed 3 little people breakfast & make lunches & snacks!!)… can anyone relate???  So, my simple & delish solution, a quick chocolate smoothie… Just add a frozen banana, some spinach, ice & almond milk, then add this protein powder made from 10 wholefood ingredients & it’s seriously amazing & filling (promise!!)

2. doTERRA Ice Blue

You know that 2 day post work out burn…. I actually love having sore muscles, it’s a reminder of the hard work I’ve put in, haha!!! So, I’m a big fan of doTERRA oils and this little powerful oil will help relieve aches & pains. Now you just need to convince someone to massage it in!

3. Apple Watch

This Apple Watch can seriously change your life. The features are ridiculous, although I’m just here to tell you about the lifestyle/fitness aspects.

My kids and I are obsessed with the “Breath” app, we do 1 minute meditations at bedtime to help calm the mood. The Heart Rate app is seriously so interesting, I love seeing how low and high my HR goes throughout the day. Then there’s the Workout app that allows me to record each workout, from HIIT, pilates and swimming.

Most of all though, I love seeing my steps for the day, making sure I’ve hit my daily exercise target, my standing target and how many km’s I’ve walked. It’s actually addictive and brings out my competitive side!!! So if you’re looking for a watch that you can quite literally do anything on, the Apple watch is for you.

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