Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit, push ourselves out of our comfort zone with the pieces we choose to wear. Problemo is, it doesn’t come that easily to most. When I work one on one with my clients, most are keen to find out how they can mix and match their wardrobe to make getting dressed fun, not deflated, believing you have nothing to wear. If you can take the time to master the skill of ‘styling’ your outfits, it will get easier and come far more naturally to you.

My ‘everyday style’ challenge for you is… start mixing things up a bit.

Use that full length mirror (you have one of these right?!?) start to play, give yourself that extra 5-10 mins and see what new combos you can create. This is the fun part that you’ll discover styling tricks that work for you and help you reinvent existing pieces.

Some suggestions: Wear a trans-seasonal dress in winter with a bare leg and ankle boot (neutral tones work best to flatter the leg)

: Belt your scarf over a dress for a revamp

: Belt a jacket (see below) for a new take on how it’s traditionally worn

: Try denim on denim, I love a chambray shirt with jeans or a denim skirt

: Clash your prints or colours

Start small and you’ll see your confidence soar when it comes to styling yourself.¬†Remember to embrace a personal style that you connect with, classic, rock chic, modern (all of the above!) whatever, stay true to yourself and your style aspirations, find your style muse and get inspired gals.

A x

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