A blazer is oh so high on my list of must have items as any of my clients will tell you. Let’s get this straight, I’m talking about a blazer for the weekend and a night out, not the kind you wear to work.

If building your wardrobe from the ground up, start with a classic black, then add from here. I’ve provided a nice mix of options to show you just how many blazer options you have. To avoid a ‘professional look’ make sure your blazer has a touch of something that says “I’m not part of a suit!”. Look for a statement button, textured fabric or non-classic style.

You need a blazer as it will give you a waist. It will hide a tummy. You will feel sophisticated & ‘dressed’. It can minimise hips & bums (it’s all about the perfect length). What’s not to love?

blazersFrom Top Left | Black Blazer | Khaki | Pale Blue | Pale Pink | Black Zip | Nude | Textured Blue | Sand Cape

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